Saturday, March 30, 2013


Then, I put the blocks and sashing and cornerstones up on the design wall.  I need to make sure I get the pattern and colors going the right direction.

Then I take them down, a row at a time, sew the row together, then put it back up on the wall.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Using all  those Four-Patches I made and some solid purple squares they become the blocks for the quilt:

All the little blocks, stacked up and ready to go..
First row sewn together

Two rows sewn together, keeping them in order so I don't mess up.

The Blocks - sewn together. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I started on my new quilt project using my dyed fabrics.

First thing was to make some four-patches.

I did it the easy way.  I got out a sharp pencil and figured out how many of each color combo I needed.  I cut a bunch of strips from the different fabrics, joined them together according to plan and then chain pieced them.  Easy-peasey.

Step One - sewing strips together.

Step Two -Join two of the strips right-sides-together and then cut them cross-ways.

Step Three - Chain those together.

Step Four - Iron open and voila!

107 Four Patches


I got a strong urge to dye some fabrics for a new quilt project.  I saw a quilt pattern in a book recently, and I really loved it, but wanted to make it with my own fabrics. 
Mixing the different dye colors up first.

Smaller pieces of fabric are in plastic bags.
First day, two purples and gold.


Plastic bags of fabric, dyeing overnight in the sink.

And a big chunk of fabric in a bucket.

And here they all are:!

The colors are not right on here, you'll have to come see them in person.

Friday, March 01, 2013


My husband's and my anniversary is just a few days after Valentine's Day.  I tend to just jam them together in my head.  [Actually, V-day seems more fun to me.]  So, I've been doing a painting of the flowers he gives me for V-day every year, so I'll have them always (aaahhh).  
This year I told him I didn't want red roses any more.  So, I got tulips instead.

After I got through sulking, I painted them.   They were really starting to droop.  They were nothing but stems by the time I finished.

I love you, honey.