Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NEW (Used) DOG

After much soul-searching, and I must admit, internet searching, I came across a picture of a great little dog up for adoption. Her name was Sally and she's a Jack Russell Terrier about 4 years old. I convinced the poor suffering husband that an adult JRT wouldn't be anywhere near as difficult as getting a puppy. He relented, knowing that there was a hole in my heart that needed filling.

We picked her up and brought her home (as a trial - yeah, right!) She was great, very quiet and well-mannered, but timid and scared. You gotta wonder what she's been through. Sixty days in a high-kill shelter in Bakersfield, rescued at the last minute by Ginger's Pet Rescue, http://www.gingerspetrescue.org/ who then shipped her up to the Seattle area in a dogbox in a van, and put her into a foster home with other dogs.

Her foster-mom was really great, we met at Southcenter where it was agreed we'd take her home.

We went first to Petco to get a leash, some food and a bed and other stuff. Petco wanted me to sign her up for freebies and they needed a birthday for her. Taken by surprise, the first date I could come up with is a date that is meaningful in Darrell's and my life, August 18. When we got back home I was reading 'Sally's information sheet that came with her and the paperwork listed her birthday as, you guessed it, August 18th! It's kismet, karma and Holy Cow! It was meant to be.
It didn't take us long to agree that Sally was not her name. Actually, it's just a name the shelter gives to an animal when they come in. Since she didn't respond to it anyway, we decided to change it.
We bounced around a lot of ideas, and settled on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Welcome home, Lucy!