Thursday, June 21, 2018


I got this little quilt, Bluebird, loaded onto the machine yesterday.  I didn't want to start quilting it until I could dedicate some time to it.   I figured I could finish it in one setting.

I bought a panto, called Good Vibrations, for it.  It's basically a wave.

This afternoon I got it finished - just barely.

I had a few problems - my fault.  I didn't check the tension on the back.  It looked okay on the front so I went ahead and put in the first pass.  When I rolled the quilt I noticed how bad the tension was on the back.  I mean really bad!  So bad, it was super easy to pick it out - which I did - from the back.

Then I went ahead and did the rest of the quilt and went back and re-did the first pass.  And it worked!  It lined up and stitched back in the same place.  Hopefully no one will know but you and I.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018


It's Wednesday!  That means it's time for the next Moda Block Head block to be revealed.

And then to make it.

Then I made another City Sampler block.  I hate making stitch and flip triangles.  They never turn out right for me.  This time I went ahead and drew the diagonal stitch line on the back.  That probably helped a bit.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Well, of course I changed my mind - it was a crazy plan.

During a conversation with my mom, she asked why I didn't take it off the machine and un-pick it - wouldn't it be easier?  I said no at the time, but the more I thought about it the more I began to see that she was right.  It's really difficult to reach the underside when its on the machine.  Add that to the fact that the machine would be tied up for months, I changed my mind.

It's off the machine - I'm going to work on picking it out while I sit and watch TV.

Here are some pictures of the really poor tension on the back.

So, on to something else for now.

I finished up this little top and started thinking about the back.

I decided to dye some fabric.  Blue.

Monday, June 18, 2018


OMG, it took two hours to pick out one block.

Two hours.

Do I want to commit to this?

If I did one block a day (which I won't) it will take 49 days.

It will tie up my longarm for months.

But on the other hand - what else have I got to do?

Sunday, June 17, 2018


I took out my Lexington quilt to finish quilting it.

I had done some straight-line stitch-in-the-ditch with my domestic Bernina and trimmed off all the  excess.

I had to sew some leaders on two ends so I could pin it up on the machine.

Oh my, I didn't realize it was 98" square - it just barely fits on the machine.

The quilting I had done with the Bernina was really bad, the tension on the back is particularly bad.

I struggled with what to do - I decided to pick it out and do some computerized work on it instead.

My think is I can pick out a block then re-quilt it - a block t a time.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


I remembered my purpose and started working on a small quilt that has been sitting around for awhile.  Duh.

Simple piecing - easy peasy.

I've still got to make the sashing.  
And find the other one like this - I think I've lost it.
This came in the mail today-  

Solids of the Month!  and a new color card, too.


I got out my Lexington quilt - the last time I worked on it was in 2015.  I had started quilting it on my Bernina 1230.  The quilt was too big and cumbersome and I knew I couldn't do it right on the domestic machine.  Now that I have a longarm, I thought I'd give it a shot again. 
I had to add some leaders to it because I had trimmed all the excess backing  off.  After I got it loaded up, I spent some time just staring at it.  I have no idea what to quilt on it.

Then I spent way too much making two more City Sampler blocks.  I had a hard time.  On the first one, I kept putting the pieces together wrong and having to re-cut the fabrics.

 I gave up and went with my husband out for lunch at Zippy's.

Friday, June 15, 2018


A lady in my neighborhood is a fabric rep of some sort and every year she has a sale and sells her old fabric samples for $4 a pound.

It's great fun.  I bought 8 pounds of fabric I didn't need or have room for.

Life is good.