Vanilla Houses

Vanilla Houses - 
       I can't help but say something about the ubiquitous housing developments popping up everywhere.  They come in and take out every living thing - trees, bushes and of course, wildlife.  Then they pave the streets and start putting up these houses, side by side by side - sometimes less than ten feet apart!  The houses are all the same, huge, boxy and painted in varying shades of beiges.  Their idea of variety is to make the streets non-grid like.  

Vanilla Houses #1 - Sandpit
acrylic on canvas 18"x24"

Vanilla Houses #2 - Yellow House
acrylic on canvas 16"x20"

Vanilla Houses #3 - Lone Tree
acrylic on canvas  18"x24"

Vanilla Houses #4 - Red House
acrylic on canvas 20"x30"