Thursday, January 24, 2013


My sister's son and his wife are expecting.  I got the invitation to a baby shower early last week and of course decided I wanted to make him a quilt (it's a boy).  I went to the fabric store looking for 'Mario' fabric (that is her theme) to no avail.  I picked up this great little collection though.  What the heck, it's not even close, but I love it!  Hope he (they) do too.

The finished quilt, 32.5" by 40.5"
A close-up

Wrapped up and ready for the shower


[of course, I have lots of left over fabric.  I was thinking of making a bag.  It would make a great bag.  But, I'll have to put it on my list, and it's definitely not at the top at this point.]

Monday, January 14, 2013


I joined the Sketchbook Project 2013 since I had such a good time with the last one.

Of course, the due date is tomorrow.  So, I'm just under the wire.

I got my blank sketchbook quite a while ago, and then promptly forgot about it until December.  Not having sufficient time to do much of anything, I thought doing something I don't normally do, like collage, would be fun. 

Just before I put it into the envelope to mail it, I thought I better scan the pages since I'll probably never see the book again.  Bye!

Good luck to you, book.

Friday, January 04, 2013


Darrell had to run up to Vancouver, British Columbia to deliver some furniture.  
After a delay of several hours at the border because of 'duty' issues, we finally made it into the country.  We had wanted to get there early to do a little bird watching.  We did manage to see some Snowy Owls, but we felt rushed the whole time.  He dropped the table off at the airport, from where it will continue it's journey to the new owners.  We went to Lee Valley and spent some money.  Always a fun store to visit.
We had lunch at a great Indian restaurant, Tandoori Kona.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Went to visit Dad at the VA, then we had breakfast for lunch at the Moondog, Too Restaurant in Port Orchard.  They were quick, I didn't have time to paint it.