Monday, June 13, 2011


Recently I was commissioned to paint an image for the White Center Community Development Association's (WC CDA) promotional poster.
I worked with Kathi Wheeler of Noise Without Sound, who is helping the CDA develop a logo and who designed the poster.
It relates back to the Basket Sculpture at the center of White Center.  The idea being of weaving a diverse population into a "global village".   Hence, the multi-colored reeds in the basket in my painting.
At a recent CDA Meeting the poster was revealed and all of the members attending received a free poster, to hang in their stores or whatever.  They asked me to stay a while after the meeting and sign the poster.
I had talked Darrell into making a frame for the painting and presented the framed original to the CDA at the meeting.

There was a reporter there from the West Seattle Herald, he took pictures and wrote an article.  You can see that here.   Once you open it, you need to click on the picture to see the slide show.

Here's a bad picture of the poster.  I need to get it framed.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I had originally had a very dark brown as one of the bricks, but it was too dark.  So, I cut it up and stripe-pieced some fabrics together and then cut that into bricks.  I like it a lot better now.

Here's the label:

I actually dyed some flannel for this quilt.  I actually sewed the flannel - that's a first.  I don't like flannel.

When I showed my sister Julie this picture - she reminded me that she had told me the baby's colors were pink and chocolate.  I had only remembered the pink.
So, I made another trip to the store, bought more flannel and dyed some browns and a really interesting pink tie-dyed.  I bought some browns and a printed brown to hurry things along, which was good, because my dark brown looked too much like 'camouflage' and I didn't use it.  I even started over with a different focus fabric that ended up on the back.
It all worked out.  
And now I have an extra baby quilt  - do you know anyone that needs it?
This is the Welcome Quilt:

Friday, June 10, 2011


The Sketchbook Project was in town for a few days at the Form/Space Gallery downtown Seattle.

Somewhere in all this is my Sketchbook:

Just to give you an idea: