Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Finally, the day I've been waiting for since March arrives.  My new A1 Quilting Machine was scheduled for delivery.  Listed on the bill of lading was three items, a pallet, and two crates.  Only the pallet showed up, and the truck driver knew nothing about the others.

I quickly called Missouri where A1 is made and told them.  They were great, they called the trucking company in Kent, where they found the missing pieces and arranged to have them delivered first thing in the morning because Kim is coming to put the machine together tomorrow.

In the meantime, I kept busy working on the Dandy Flowers quilt.  I got all the parts made and put it up on the wall.  It only fits crossways.  I got two rows sewed together, but stopped because I was too worried.

the pallet

I'm a little worried about this top piece that is smashed.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


My studio is above my husband's wood shop.  He recently had an issue with his dust collection system and had to replace it.  While it was bad my studio was inundated with dust.  It was bad.
I left it until he got his shop under control.

My mom came over today with her dog, Reba, to help me get it cleaned up in preparation for the arrival of my longarm.

Thanks Mom!

Mom didn't want her picture taken...oops.

Friday, June 16, 2017


I'm making progress on the Dandy Flowers quilt.  I finished the last of the flower heads this morning and started on the stems.  I've probably been overdoing it.  Yesterday I had to spend the afternoon resting my hand - which means I couldn't do anything.  I watched a movie.

My hand feels much better today though.  No more Tylenol needed.

My beautiful white bandage is getting dirty and covered with threads and dog hair.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I had carpel-tunnel surgery on my right hand yesterday.  We checked me in at 6:30am and we were out of there by 9:00am.  I'm actually not sure about the time because I was still a little woozy when we left.  But amazingly I was feeling pretty good very quickly.  I had very little pain but I did take tylenol that day and today.

After a dog walk with just Jelly I sewed some more of the Dandy Flowers blocks.  But I probably over did it.  My hand is tired and so am I.

The day of surgery, back at home.

My left hand took a beating too.

The Dandy Flowers blocks.

I'm really loving these colors and fabrics!  

Monday, June 12, 2017


Tomorrow morning I'm having carpel-tunnel surgery on my right hand (I'm right handed).  I'm trying to prepare for being incapacitated for a week.

I know I won't be able to cut fabric, but I might be able to sew.  So I've been cutting fabric like crazy.

Saturday, at work, I trimmed some half-square triangle squares, making that project all ready to sew together.

Today I finished sewing the rows together on my Wallflower quilt (kit).  I folded it up and put it away - I still need to make a back for it.

After walking the dogs in Lincoln Park and lunch out with the DH I started cutting up fabric for the Dandy Flowers quilt that I discovered online.  It was a quilt-along, but I didn't participate at the time.  I've been gathering fabrics and thinking about it.

I bought the fabrics for the stems and leaves at Missouri Star Quilts in Missouri last week.  Still thinking about what color to make the butterflies.

I had to sew one of the flowers together.

The stack of fabrics, all sorted, for the flowers.

All the fabrics, including the background, ready to go.

Here are the fabrics I used.

Thursday, June 08, 2017


 I got behind, but I caught up today making the last three blocks for the Solstice Challenge.

#23 Eureka!

#24 Lucky Girl

#25 Summer Rose

I need some fabric to use as sashing.  The only thing I have at the moment is pure white flannel, which is not the same as the white in these fabrics.   It's much to white.  I need more of an ivory.  I was thinking I should dye it.  But, how do you dye white to ivory.  I googled it, they all said use tea dye.  That seems wrong for several reasons.  I've heard tea dye is so acidic it will eventually eat up the fabric.  Plus, it seems the wrong color to me.  Too brown.  Ivory is not brown.  But, I'm not sure what it is either.

Maybe I should go to the fabric store.  

Tuesday, June 06, 2017


Things are open on Tuesdays in Missouri, so we hit some quilt shops.

I had just planned on two, the first being Quilting is My Therapy in Liberty, MO.  I need to find the fabrics I don't have for the Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Forest quilt I want to make.  I found a few there, they didn't have much fabric. The gal working there told us we had to go visit Missouri Star Quilts in Hamilton about an hour north.  Darrell agreed and off we went.

Quilting is my Therapy 
 I'm so glad we did, this place is amazing.  They have 12 stores, taking up a city block.  Each store specializes in a different style of fabrics.  I headed for the Modern store, looking to find the fabrics I needed.

The Modern store.

Monday, June 05, 2017


Since everything is closed on Mondays in Kansas City, we decided to drive 175 miles to Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri.
We heard about the Thomas Hart Benton mural and really wanted to see it.

A scale model of Mighty Mo

We had lunch in Jefferson City at The Blue Skillet, soul food.

Chicken, collard greens, potato salad and corn bread.

After lunch, we got back in the car and drove back towards Kansas City, stopping in Independence to see President Truman's home.  It was very hot, 92 degrees, with 92% humidity. 

Back in Kansas City, Kansas with finally had our BBQ dinner at Joe's Kansas City BBQ.  I was unimpressed.  But I'm not a big fan of BBQ.

Sunday, June 04, 2017


After the Nelson-Atkins, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, Chuy's, then headed over for a tour of the Thomas Hart Benton Studio and Home, part of Missouri State Parks.

The lobby of Chuy's.

In front of the studio, which used to be the stables behind the house.


I flew into Kansas City Missouri on Saturday to meet up with Darrell.  He had been teaching in Indianapolis and flew to KC Saturday morning.  I didn't get in until 4pm.  He was waiting with the rental car.  We went to the hotel, but they weren't ready for us, so we went out for dinner.  The original plan was to get bbq (when in KC you must get bbq, we're told).  But the lines were out the door into the street, so we headed down the road and found a Cajun restaurant.  They had the best jambalaya I've ever had.


Our plan was to spend the day at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Waiting for the doors to open

In front of the doors, waiting...

Big Monet!

This was my favorite - the one I'd take home.

Here is the G&G Vitrine that we came all this way to see!

Beautiful courtyard.

We stopped for a rest and a snack in the courtyard

Even the restroom was a work of art