Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Busy, busy, busy.....Darrell and I are both getting ready for our Open House coming up in a few days.

My studio hasn't had a good cleaning in a long time.

Add to that, a recent bug infestation in the beam at the top of the building.  We bombed last week and now there are dead bugs everywhere along with the general debris created when he dug them out.  I had put white paper over everything I didn't want the bug poison on - like my fabrics and table tops.

Here are the before pictures:

south end before

north end before, see the bug stuff on the floor - yuck.

I ran out of steam after lunch so I only got the north half somewhat cleaned:

north end after

south end after - didn't get to it yet.

And then the next day (Wednesday):

Definitely looking better...

north end

south end - yes!

Thursday I have to paint the ceiling where we tore some of the sheetrock down, and then I'm going to start bringing out some artwork.