Sunday, September 06, 2009


Darrell is giving me a few more half-days to work on my cabinets. Here he is making lots of sawdust, cutting the MDF and putting Lamellos slots in the ends to join the pieces together.

We brought the thee big pieces upstairs where he joined them together in place. That was the end of Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning I found him up in the studio putting the mahogany edging on. He was pretty much done with that before we went out for our regular Sunday breakfast and grocery shopping. When we got back he put on the backsplash and finished up.

Then it was my turn to putty the holes, sand it down and put on a coat of clear urethane varnish. I love the golden brown color, with little uneven patches, that the MDF becomes. Over the next several days I will lightly sand and put several more coats on it. This will be a very servicable surface for many years.
You might notice that I put the new chrome handles on the big flat files, they match the handles that were on the other flat files. And, when I get drawers and doors, they will have matching handles also. The doors might be a while in the making, Darrell has to get ready for a few shows he's got coming up soon.


  1. It looks so gorgeous! I'm envious...

  2. Thanks! It's great, it's great, it's great!