Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I quilted the Rust Experiment today.  I wanted to just quilt around the 'rust' circles made by the metal disks.  But I don't think I've ever quilted or sewn 'perfect' circles.  I've seen a device that attaches to your machine that holds the fabric in place for sewing perfect circles.  Since I don't have one, and don't even know where to get one, I came up with a simple solution - a pin inserted through the center of the circle into my sewing machine's table.  Good thing it's wood - huh?

After I got the initial circles quilted around each of the rust circles I felt it needed more quilting.  So, I did the easiest thing and just echo-quilted around the circles.

Usually, I put binding around the outside to finish a quilt.  But the colors on the outside of this piece of fabric I used as the background is very interesting!  It has picked up stray dyes somewhere, making these interesting changes from blue to green to yellow.  I'm not sure how I'll finish it now.

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