Friday, October 01, 2010


I was bad.  I picked these yellow flowers from a local park.  I know it's not a good idea to pick flowers that are there for everyone's enjoyment, but, it is late fall and they won't be lasting too much longer, and, I only picked a few flowers from each plant (to minimize their absence).

And, I was bad, because I used these plants and I have no idea what they are!  I should make some attempt to figure out their name.  I've seen them around different areas, like a weed.  The plants grow to about 30" high, and are about 24" across a clump.  I didn't notice until I started to pick them that they have a very sticky 'sap' on them.  It's on the flower petals and the receptacle.  I picked the whole flower, and then when I got home, I separated the yellow petals from the green receptacles.

I made up three dye baths.  One for the green and yellowish receptacles, one for the yellow petals and another using onion skin from a yellow onion.  I left the fabrics in the dye baths for about three days.

Here are the results:

Left, the weed's receptacles, middle is the yellow petals, and right is the yellow onion skins.

I really like the unexpected variations of color from the receptacles.

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