Tuesday, January 18, 2011


With nothing in the kitchen, we started discussing our options.  I suggested Mike's BBQ, or Proletariat Pizza which is just down the street from Mike's.  He agreed to Mike's BBQ, saying he's pizza-ed-out.  So, off we went to Mike's. 
After parking a half a block away and walking up to it, we see the lights are out and there's a sign reading, "Closed for Repairs".  Dang.
So, we went for the pizza, a little ways further up the block (my favorite anyway).
While waiting for the pizza, he checks his Facebook - Mike's BBQ just posted that they were open and a warm place to stop into for dinner.  Ha!  Darrell commented back, "We stopped by to warm up, but you were closed.  Brrrr."
The clincher - as we walked back to the car, Mike's lights were back on and there were people inside.
I guess it was my night for pizza.

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