Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm starting on a new quilt and this time I'm going to keep track of how many hours I put in.  People are always asking me how long it takes to make a quilt, and I never have an answer.  So, now maybe we'll get some idea.  I know a lot depends on the complexity and size.  But, I think this quilt is pretty average for what I usually do.

So far, I've got about a day into buying fabrics.  Should we count that?  If I was in this to make money, I'd have to factor it in, as my time is worth money.
I've got receipts for the fabric - do I want to know the total I spent?  Should I put it out here where everyone can see what I spent?  Okay, here it is:  I managed to spend $328.42 in the six quilt shops I went to in Connecticut.  You can see my Connecticut Shopping Spree at

I've got pretty near 30 yards of fabric, so I'll have some leftovers.  But, I also will need fabric for the backing, and I'll need batting.  I'll use some of the leftovers for the back, but I don't want the back to be all the same fabrics as the front.

I've been thinking about what pattern to use off and on for months and one pattern kept coming back up over and over.  So, I'm going with it.  I spent about a half hour doing some drawing and figuring and then started cutting.  I cut fabric for four hours, then I had to stop because it was dog-dinner time and Lucy was insistent that we go in the house.  And besides, my arm was getting very tired.  

Hours at this point:
Shopping 6 hours
Figuring .5 hours
Cutting  4 hours

Total 10.5 hours and counting.

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  1. Fantastic! Manchester CT is about 50 miles south of my town in Massachusetts, so I recognize those colors! I love that you're counting the hours and telling us about the costs. I think we artists should do that more, so people understand why we charge the prices we charge for our work. Looking forward to watching your progress.