Saturday, June 11, 2011


I had originally had a very dark brown as one of the bricks, but it was too dark.  So, I cut it up and stripe-pieced some fabrics together and then cut that into bricks.  I like it a lot better now.

Here's the label:

I actually dyed some flannel for this quilt.  I actually sewed the flannel - that's a first.  I don't like flannel.

When I showed my sister Julie this picture - she reminded me that she had told me the baby's colors were pink and chocolate.  I had only remembered the pink.
So, I made another trip to the store, bought more flannel and dyed some browns and a really interesting pink tie-dyed.  I bought some browns and a printed brown to hurry things along, which was good, because my dark brown looked too much like 'camouflage' and I didn't use it.  I even started over with a different focus fabric that ended up on the back.
It all worked out.  
And now I have an extra baby quilt  - do you know anyone that needs it?
This is the Welcome Quilt:

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