Friday, August 26, 2011


At the Tacoma Convention Center

The Association of Pacific West Quilters had their semi-annual quilt show in Tacoma, Washington on August 26 - 28.
Being a member I had submitted one of my quilts for inclusion in a special showing of 'Star Quilts'.  It was accepted, and I mailed it off to them several weeks ago.
I took the day off work, Friday, to go see it and the show.
I got there rather early and was pleased that it was not crowded and I got a good look at the exhibits and the vendor booths before it started to fill up.  

As I entered - hardly anyone there yet.

It was starting to fill up with people

Some of the vendor booths

My quilt is the one of the far left - Mistletoe Mountain.

I was a little disappointed.  The space where the special exhibits were was very under-lighted.  And they spelled my name wrong on the placard next to my quilt, and they really got it wrong in the catalog.  I am now Terri Pearl.

But, it is nice to have the quilt out and about and hopefully being appreciated.  When it comes home, it goes back in it's box.  Unless, someone wants to buy it.

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