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Darrell is on the Board of Directors for The Friends of the Thorsen House and travels several times a year to Berkeley California for board meetings.  This time was truly special because we were invited to spend the night at the house.  They do this very rarely, so we were quite excited.

Goodbye Seattle

Good morning, Bay Area
We flew out early Friday morning, grabbed a rental car and headed into San Francisco for some sightseeing before heading to the Thorsen House.

First stop was the DeYoung Museum.  This was our first time there.  What a fantastic place.  But, I have to say the first thing I noticed was the smell...eucalyptus trees...the museum being located in Golden Gate Park.  Wonderful.

We came primarily to see a Greene & Greene chair that Darrell needed pictures of, but we enjoyed the rest of our whirlwind tour of the highlights.  In the picture above, notice the tower.  At the top, on the ninth floor, is an observation room, glass from floor to ceiling, with a 360* view of the city.  

The Blacker House dining room side chair

Very interesting sculpture made from gun parts and artillery shells

Darrell with a FL Wright barrel chair

An Arthur Mathews

Song of the Sea by Arthur Mathews

Stairs next to Fern garden

Fern garden 

Ruth Asawa wire sculptures

Ruth Asawa near tower elevator

Ruth Asawa, sculpture and shadow

Andy Goldsworthy installation - Tectonics

We had lunch at the DeYoung Museum Cafe, sitting outside under this amazing architecture.  Did I mention it was about 70* and an absolutely beautiful day.  Quite a pleasure having just come from Seattle, where the high was 41* and going down to freezing at night.

Then, we made our way to the Legion of Honor Museum, where we have visited several times, the first time on our honeymoon.

Entrance to the Legion of Honor Museum

Rodin's Thinker

Entrance to Legion of Honor, looking back.

Artists sketching in the museum - I love seeing this!





We saw this great exhibit, Pissarros's People, featuring Pissarro's gathered from all over the world.  We really enjoyed it.

Bernini's Medusa

Next stop, the Palace of Fine Arts, where we were married, one of our favorite places.

I'll spare you the million pictures we took.

Next, it was back to Berkeley.  Being at the mercy of the GPS machine, we ended up going right through downtown San Francisco at commute time.  It was very interesting, if somewhat slow.

We depended on the GPS machine and my smart phone to find a good restaurant for dinner, also.  The first place we went we rejected from the outside, it didn't look too good.  But we ended up in Berkeley at a great  restaurant, La Mediterranee.  Excellent food.

Then, on to our ultimate destination, The Thorsen House!  We joined up with our friends, who were also spending the night.  They had planned cooking their own dinner in the kitchen there, and we joined them for wine and nibbles.

After a virtually sleepless night (what were we thinking, staying on Frat Row on a Friday night) Saturday morning, the students who live here at the fraternity, made breakfast for us all .

Then, they cleared off the breakfast and got down the real reason for us being there - the board meeting.

Our whirlwind trip was almost over as we made our way back to the airport and flew away from the Bay area in the dark.

Thank you Sigma Phi for allowing us to stay in this treasure of a house.  

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