Saturday, April 14, 2012


I spent a few days helping some friends with a big print project.  See all about it at MCPP Puzzle Prints

A great time was had by all.  It's always fun to meet up with people you usually only connect with via the soulless internet. 

I want to thank Maria for coming up with the hare-brained idea, executing it so beautifully (and blogging about it, see above), and being such a kindhearted person.  And I want to thank Doug, who came all the way from Colorado Springs to help out, he was a tireless workhorse.  And I want to thank Sherri, from Vancouver, WA and Barbara from Aloha, OR, our most magnanimous hosts.  Offering up your wonderful studio, Atelier Meridian, for our use was very generous (thank you for the meals you bought also).  I love that Takach Press! 

You made us all feel at home and I still can't believe how much fun was had while we toiled so tirelessly.

Count me in next time!

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