Friday, July 27, 2012


Darrell and I played hooky today and spent the morning in Bellevue at the Bellevue Arts Fair, the Bellevue Arts Fest and the 6th Street Fair.  They all are within a few blocks of each other.  We got there early Friday morning, wandered around for several hours, and I think we pretty much saw it all.  I saw a few paintings I'd have loved to buy, but alas, they were beyond my reach.
We found some metal-art for the gate he's been working on at one of the last booths on our way back to the car.  Oh, and he bought some pickled garlic.  Excellent.

The Fair is great fun there's always lots to see, the art runs the gamut from fine art to hobbyists and everything in between.

Here are some random shots I took:

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