Saturday, August 30, 2014


I've been working on a self-portrait for the last few weeks.  I didn't take any process photos, unfortunately.  I've been thinking about this portrait for a while now.  It represents how I was feeling about my job most of this year.  

I did something about it though, and now I have embarked onto a new and exciting career and consequently I don't feel like this anymore.

But, I had to get this selfie out of the way.

Yes, I know it's upside down...I haven't decided if this is the final version or not...probably not.  So I'll show it right side up when it's officially finished.

This is acrylics on a 10"x10" canvas.


  1. Such a wonderful portrait, Terry. I have worked on portraits when feeling a certain way and if I go back to them, when I feel differently, I am unable to recapture the previous feeling -- and sometimes that is fine :)

  2. You definitely succeeded in capturing the feeling! Good work!