Thursday, April 09, 2015


Our backyard has been in need of help for a while now.

I needed a project to keep me busy, so I'm going to tackle it.

I keep thinking I'm too old to do this, but I'm not getting any younger, so I better stop putting it off.

The impetus for this is my want of a bird sanctuary, particularly a bird bath.

There was a 'stream' with a little pond here when we moved in, but it never worked because it leaked and wouldn't hold water.  So we've never turned it on.

My plan is to make a bigger pond with a place where birds can come and bathe or drink.

And while I'm doing that we really should re-do the walkways.

So, here are the before pictures...

Looking from back deck towards the patio

The walkway along the shop

The walkway along the shop and the Japanese Maple

Standing at the corner of the house looking at the back deck.

Standing on patio looking towards back of house.

See all those rocks under the tree?  That was the original pond.  See all those  little rocks in the open area?  That's where the new pond will be.  All those little rocks have got to go.  We've always hated those little rocks - and they are everywhere.

After alot of talking with the husband about what we wanted and what we were willing to do, I've come up with a plan.  I even took measurements and put it on paper.

Here we go...

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