Friday, February 26, 2016


Okay, I've come up with a plan for how to put together my "New Hexagon Blocks"....

I opened up Electric Quilt and tried fooling around in there to determine how many blocks I'd need and what size.  But, Electric Quilt is not that friendly for trying things using hexagons.  Their program has just the bare minimums for figuring hexagon quilts.  But, I was able to come up with a rudimentary plan.

I'm going to put a border around each hex block, just like they are doing in Katja's Project.  But, I'm not going to be doing it the way they are.  I'm going to paper piece the border on - which means I need the paper pieces.  I did some calculating and figuring and drew and cut out some pieces to see if it would work.

Each block will have one of a different taupe, beige, tan or gray fabric that is in the group.  So, I went ahead and cut a bunch of strips off the fabrics to set aside.

Then I sent off an email to to ask about having those pieces custom made.  We'll see if that is affordable or not.   Considering I need almost 600 pieces, it will probably be very worth it.  We'll see.

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