Monday, May 02, 2016


I had to drop my car off at the dealer's to get the license plates installed and for service.  

Jelly and I walked over to the Ballard Locks.  It was a beautiful morning.


Inside viewing the fish ladder, there were no fish.

On the other side looking back down at the locks.

Playing with the geese.

Crossing the railroad tracks.

The railroad tracks.

Walking across the locks.

The big lock.
Looking out.


One of the interesting buildings that are all made of concrete with wooden windows.

Lots of gulls

Beautiful colors.

Flying gull.

Big tree.


An easier option?

Looking back down from the steps.

I want this plant for my garden.

This one, too.  It lives in the shade.

We rode the bus back to the pick up the car.  Jelly didn't like the bus, it was creaking and banging.

Jelly's first bus ride - the 29.

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