Sunday, July 10, 2016


We (me) thought getting a dog for Jelly would help her to relax when we need to leave her alone.

So, I contacted CA Russell Rescue again, and found a dog that looked a lot like Jelly and made arrangements to adopt him.

They are calling him Spirit (another name I don't like).


Spirit at his foster home.
He is coming up from the LA area, this time it's one person who is making the drive all the way by herself.

Here he is on his first leg to go meet up with the van whose bringing all the dogs north.

Spirit on his first leg of the trip north.

Post Script:  After looking through his paperwork, I see at one point they were calling him Jax.  He answers to that, so his name is now Jax.

Looks like he was turned in as a stray in a town north of Sacramento.  He wasn't neutered when they got him, so that happened right away.  He is approximately 6 years old and semi-housebroken.

Welcome home, Jax!

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