Saturday, December 31, 2016


I started piecing the leftovers together for the back for Abracadabra and then decided I wanted a more plain backing.

So, I went to Pacific Fabrics on 4th and looked at every piece of cotton fabric there yesterday.

I started on the flat fold table because they are cheaper and funkier and was shocked that everything was $8.48 a yard.  I guess I haven't been paying attention - that seems expensive to me!

I couldn't find anything, of course, and moved on to the upholstery fabrics and then to the quilting fabrics.

I found one I sorta liked in the upholstery fabrics at $21.48 a yard. But at only 54" wide that seemed very expensive.

So on to the quilting cottons.  Nothing seemed just right, but I settled on a greyish, greenish overall that would work at $12.78 a yard.  Yikes.  I bought 4 yards of that and another 1/2 yard of the plain green to use for binding and a spool of green thread to use for quilting.  The total was over $78 dollars.

What happened to my plan to not buy more fabric and use up my stash?

I made a label and pieced together the back and now it's all ready to pin.

You can see the plain grey allover print in the corners.  I had to add a little bit to make the four yards big enough, so I did use up some of the leftovers.  There's a big cross on the back, with the label where they meet.

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