Thursday, January 26, 2017


I decided I needed a bigger bag - one that would hold a quilt, so I could take it with me and work on the binding and such.

I ordered a pattern.  I went to Jo-Ann's and bought fusibles.  I hate fusibles, they are so unquilt-like.  Stiff and artificial, not soft, warm and comforting as quilts should be.

But this is not going to be a quilt.

I got out my batiks and starting sorting through them.

I cut everything out and started to sew...

Here's the pattern with the beautiful bags on the cover.

First step, fusing the fabric to fusible batting.

Next step was to fold them in half and sew into tube-like strips.  Here's where the problems started.  This is four battings thick.  My machine didn't want to sew that.  It started skipping stitches.  It broke the thread and did all kinds of horrible things.  I changed needles, I used the biggest needle I had, I changed threads.  I gave up.
Things did not go well, I eventually decided to give up.  I would have to go buy more needles and thread, or something.

I've already spent too much money on fusibles, some of which I think are the wrong thing.  I sent away on Amazon for the brand names mentioned in the pattern.  I'll wait for them to get here and re-assess.

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