Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I joined in on another print exchange from Four Oceans Press. This one is Fruit Alphabet Exchange. Each participant picks a letter and makes an image of a fruit that represents that letter. I picked 'A' even knowing it would always be on the top of the pile!

I really wanted to do a simple apple. This is a woodblock reduction cut. I started with yellow, having cut out anything to remain white. Then I cut away the parts to remain yellow and printed the green. I added a little darker color to the bottom of the apple and the leaf. (Is that cheating?) I gave a lot of thought to just leaving it like that, (see below). But, I tried red on a few and decided that really made it pop. I added a litle extra brown to the stem at that time, too.

This is 'Apple', relief print reduction cut, image 6" by 8" on Rives paper.

Edition of 30, with one Variation entitled 'Green Apple'

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