Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yikes, I got an email last Friday reminding me that my next print for the series, Classic Elements, is due on the Wednesday.

Ha! I haven't even thought about it, let alone got it ready to go.

Prints are not an easy thing to just whip out.

I started working on the drawing at work over the weekend. I pretty much had the drawing down and finished it up Monday morning.

I carved the keyblock on Tuesday, transfered that to two more linoleum blocks and left them to dry.

Wednesday, I went to Daniel Smith (my favorite store) and got my paper and ink that I needed. I returned home, carved the other two blocks and tore the paper to the right size.

So, that takes me to today, the day it's due!

I started printing, and put down the first color on 40 pieces.

Here's a picture...
I know you have no idea what it is, but if you watch, you'll eventually see!


  1. Very mysterious. I see some holes in the paper. Do you use a punch type registration system?

  2. Yes I'm using Andrew's (Printmakerguy on Wetcanvas) idea using a three hole punch made to put into a notebook. It's pretty flat, but I still have to run the print into the press, stop before going over the punch-thingy and then run it back out. Then when I'm all done I tear the excess paper off. So far, it's the best method that works for me.