Wednesday, July 08, 2009


It was a busy day today. I made two passes through the press with the forty sheets of paper. So, there are now four colors on the paper. Tomorrow I'll do the key block, which outlines everything in black.
I'll let them dry over the weekend and then I've just got to sign and number them and stuff them in clearbags. Oh, and write a colophon to accompany it.

Almost there! It will be nice to be finished with this series.
I'm really looking forward to receiving back everyone elses prints. I plan to sit down and look through them all and see each participants four prints together.

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  1. Terry, I love your work, wow! You are doing it Girl, keep on going, I love all your paintings and artwork displayed here. Rich use of color, great graphic design. Congrats on your Renton River Days award! I look forward to seeing more work displayed here on your blog post. I have put it into my favorites list to keep coming back to. Wonderful work. :)