Friday, October 16, 2009


Darrell and I really enjoyed the Wayne Thiebaud show, me especially. I think Darrell probably enjoyed the prints of Francis Gearhart more.
The Pasadena Museum of California Art is a very interesting building. Its something you'd only see in Southern California. Its an opened plan, no window glass, exposed to the mild elements.
Although we couldn't park in their first floor gara
ge because of our trailer, we entered through it experiencing the graffitti/art on the walls of the garage. The walls through out the museum are curved, and soft white. The stairs wind up to the open balcony where you enter the exhibits.

The Thiebaud show occupied the main galleries, with the smaller taken up by drawings, an educational glimpse into his process and early work.

I was so excited to see Thiebaud's work up close, the way he globs on the paint and pushes it around. I've seen a short video of him painting, and seeing the paintings helped me to understand his process a little more. There was a docent in the large room, and photos were prohibited. But, with my little phone camera (no flash) I took a few photos, most of them were fuzzy because I was in such hurry!
I was amazed at all the colors, side by side, without mixing together or changing hue. How does he do that? How would I do that? Could I do that? I've never worked in oils, and I've never worked with such thick paint. Maybe I should give it a try.

After walking through and discussing each painting, we sat and just soaked up the wonderful atmosphere and daydreamed about which one we would take home.

Afterwards, we went into the museum shop where I discovered a few other artists who's work I was attracted to. I bought the Thiebaud book, "70 Years of Painting" celebrating this exhibit, with images of the paintings in the show. I also picked up a book by Paul Karlstrom about Raimonds Staprans. His work is very similar to Thiebaud's, simple images with large shapes of color, using bright clean hues.

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