Friday, February 18, 2011


There's been a lot of discussion about Negative Space lately. So that's where I started with this year's Valentine's Day flowers from my husband.
I set aside two of the dozen, because....this is our 10th Anniversary together, and so I wanted to paint just ten roses.
I started with a pre-painted canvas.  I usually just scrub the paint that's left in my palette onto a canvas.  This canvas has been around awhile.  And then just to complicate things, I decided to use a palette knife (which I'm not very proficient with) instead of brushes.

First I painted the background around the composition with white:

Then the black:

I really liked it.

I went for a walk, went out to lunch with my husband, came back and lost my mind.  To heck with that palette knife - that was too difficult.  So I pulled out some small brushes and 'painted'. 

I hate it. 

I should have stopped while I was ahead!

I left it for the day.  Maybe I can fix it tomorrow.

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