Friday, September 28, 2012


While on our trip to Kentucky, we stopped at a few quilt stores so that I could buy some fabrics to make a Kentucky Quilt to commemorate our vacation.

Those of you familiar with this blog will know that I have been making these kinds of quilts for a while now.

First place we stopped was only because of our annoyingly stupid GPS machine.  He programmed it to take us to Midway, which was only a few miles northeast of Lexington.  The machine thinks Midway is somewhere on the other side of Louisville (a difference of 75 miles).  So, we're driving along, I'm kind of sleepy and dozing, pretty soon I say how much farther are we going?  He says the GPS says we have another hour or so to drive (in a rain storm).  I wasn't happy.  I kept thinking, the farther we drove out, the farther we would need to drive back.  So, we punched in the nearest Starbucks and headed there.  We got some coffee and connected to the internet with his computer and looked up Midway.  Ha!  We had passed it by probably an hour back.  I don't know where the stupid GPS was taking us.  While we were sitting there talking about what we were going to do, I looked up quilt shops in the area, turns out there was one just a few miles up the road.  So we went there.  It had to be one of the nicest (and biggest) quilt shops I've ever been in.  There was a great selection, laid out nicely.  Lots of samples on the walls, books, and gadgets, and all kinds of interesting things.  Darrell even found something he had to buy.  Here it is, Among Friends Quilt Shop in Louisville, KY.  

It was pouring down rain when I took this photo

Cutting the 'theme' fabric

And the fabrics I picked out, with the 'theme' fabric on the bottom

My usual way to do this is: I pick a 'theme' fabric and then pick fabrics that 'go with' it.  Not usually liking something so obvious, when I saw this fabric I couldn't resist, being in the "Horse Capitol of the World"    It's possible it will end up only on the back.  At this point there is no plan.  After that, I don't take these fabrics with me into the next stores, I just buy what appeals to me at the moment, with a general idea of color, texture and value, trying to remain true to the fabrics already purchased.

Next stop, much later, after a day of sightseeing in Frankfort and the elusive Midway, was a very nice shop in Lexington called "Q-first in Quilting".  Odd name, but a very nice store.  They haven't been in business long, but they are doing a fantastic job.  Darrell immediately noticed the ceiling was painted flat black, he found that much more appealing then the usual all white everything in most quilt stores (I think I was guilty of that myself).  I liked it, too.  It's easier on the eyes and sets off the colors very nicely.  This too was a big store with lots to see.  The people were very nice and even stayed open past their closing, since I was still shopping.

The GPS had a hard time finding this place, too.

Inside Q-first, and no, those are not my fabric picks she's cutting.

Here are the fabrics I bought. I had to stop myself, they had great choices. 
I also ended up buying a book because of one of the samples they had on the wall.  I have a lot of Kaffe's books, so what's another one, huh?

Game Board Quilt by Liza Prior Lucy

The book is Kaffe Fassett's Quilts en Provence.  I love Kaffe Fassett's fabrics.  In fact, they had a very nice selection here at this store and I kept going back to look at them, but I only found one that fit in with my 'theme', (that would be the second up from the bottom on the left, above.)

The next morning, we had some time before our plane left, so we did some more sight-seeing and went to this last quilt store as an after-thought, since it was so close to where we were.  This one wasn't as nice as the last two, but the people were very friendly and we had a nice chat with the gal cutting my fabric.  Her daughter had just moved to Seattle and we talked about that.   They do have a very nicely organized 'color-wall' (as you can see on their website).  In all the excitement, I completely forgot to take pictures of the place.  But here are the fabrics I bought at The Quilter's Square in Lexington.  I was thinking I needed more greens because Kentucky is the greenest place I've ever been!

The colors of Kentucky: greens, grays and whites.

I don't have a plan yet, but ideas are bubbling around in there.   Stay tuned.  


  1. Interesting. I know Kaffe Fassett as a knitting person. Looks like an amazing fabric store.

    1. Yes, Kaffe started out with knitting, but he's expanded into quiltmaking with his fabric line for quite a few years now. I love his books, his sense of color and design is very inspiring.