Friday, November 22, 2013


I had originally thought I'd need to put all of the pieces up on the design wall - which would have been very difficult, because it's not really big enough, and the pieces are easy to fall off.  But I don't want to make up a bunch of blocks and then try to arrange them either because I need to see the whole quilt all at once to get a good color flow and balance since I have such a strange assortment of fabrics to work with.

Once I realized that my orignal plan wouldn't work, for the above stated reasons, I realized I could make the block into it's three separate unit-parts (well, nine parts in all).  That way, I could put the pieces up on the wall and still be able to move them around to get the optimum color flow.

So, that's what I'm doing.

It's still pretty slow going, but still fun.

Only two of these are sewn together blocks, the rest are just the separate units - the 4 corner parts, which you can easily see here, the 4 arcs, and the center diamond.  Should be fun to mix and match when I get a bunch made up.

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