Saturday, November 09, 2013


I finally decided on the pattern for my Kentucky fabrics.

The pattern was found in a magazine, Quilt Life, April 2013 issue.

I redrew the block in Electric Quilt, making it smaller, so there could be more blocks on the quilt.  

It has lots of curves and odd shapes, necessatating templates.

I asked my wonderful husband if he could cut them out for me.

I printed the templates out with Electric Quilt.  I was thinking acrylic, but he asked if masonite would work, and I couldn't think of reason it wouldn't.  After all, they are just for this one project.  The masonite is easier to cut with his woodworking tools, whereas the acrylic requires special (expensive) blades.  We glued the paper onto the masonite then he cut them out with the bandsaw and sanded them down to the line.  He made it look really easy.

So, here they are:

Weird shapes, huh?

P.S.  I'm such a lucky gal.  Thank you, Darrell.

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