Wednesday, January 15, 2014


After deciding on an image, the next hardest decision would be how I'm going to make this print.

Woodblock?  Moku hanga or oily?

Linoleum?  One plate or two? 

Hand rubbed or run it through the press?

Acrylic plates?...I just finished one and that went well...okay.  Let's go with that.

I didn't have a plate that hadn't been rolling around in my drawer and wasn't scratched all up.  So, where to buy - let's try the local hardware store.  Yes, they had some and it was cheap, but I have to cut it myself.
That's not too difficult,  score it and snap it.  The hard part is getting it really square, especially since I'm leaning towards using two plates, which means they need to be the same.

Let's just say, they ended up close.

Then it was just a matter of scratching the image into the plate - almost like drawing with a pencil.  

No peeking.

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  1. Love how you showed all the stages of your wonderful art. My sister is a horse owner (she has 5 and a few are rescues). It will be a good year for her, I hope.