Thursday, March 13, 2014


You'd think that on such a beautiful pre-Spring day I'd could find something to do outside.  But, no, I ended up spending a couple of hours after lunch up in the studio sewing.
I must qualify that by saying that I spent several hours working in the yard yesterday, and I filled up the yard waste bin.  So, there's nowhere to put anymore weeds and the yard is looking pretty good.  Besides, I'm getting too old, I need a day to rest up after all that hard work.
I went for a nice walk this morning, so I didn't have any reason to keep me out of the studio.  Here are some pictures I took while out walking - what a beautiful day!

Blake Island with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

I actually worked on my Lexington quilt.  I made a bunch of center parts.  Still a long way to go.  I probably only have about five more center parts, then I can start on the arches and corners.  

Here are some of the center parts I made today:

And as a reminder, here's a few of the blocks:

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  1. Nice work! Great photos, too. We have to take advantage of these clear spring days!