Sunday, September 14, 2014


I got the pieces all cut out and sewn together for the parts I was missing.

So, that should be all of the straight-line sewing I have for a while.  It's back to sewing curves, curves and more curves.

At, least I hope so....I didn't count them again.

It can be very pleasant up in the studio.  The weather lately has been very nice.  I have windows open on opposite sides, and sometimes I'll get a nice little breeze blowing through.  There's a bird feeder right outside one of the open windows and occasionally I will hear the chatter of little birds.   But what really makes it nice is the music.  My husband is a vintage stereo nut and he has set me up with a very nice system.  It's a Marantz 2270 with JBL monitor speakers.  It rocks.  I have my Zune hooked up to it and I set it to play randomly of all the music I've loaded onto it.  There is everything from Classical to Hard Rock, from Jazz to World Music, even some Zoe Keating, Tony Bennett, Mozart and Kronos Quartet.

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