Wednesday, April 05, 2017


I am amazed.  I actually went through my stash and removed some fabrics I figure I'll never use!  Three bags worth!  They will be donated to the Goodwill tomorrow.  

I almost tossed out a pile of scraps, but I noticed they were an interesting group of fabrics.  So, I pulled them out and sorted them.  There were a lot of 3" squares and strips.  The sad thing is, there were some completed three-sided blocks in  with the scraps and I have a vague memory of making these triangle blocks.  But, I don't remember the quilt or if I even finished it.  And if I did, where is it?  Is it still a top?  Where?  No pictures, either.

I spent the next hour cutting all of the scraps up into 3" squares.  I'll be using these as leaders and enders while I sew other projects.  I'll have a free all squares quilt someday.

I sent away for some Comic book cardboard and cut it down to size to fit into my small drawers and started wrapping my fabrics around them.  Hopefully, it will keep my fabric a little more organized and easier to see.  It's also pretty sad that I bought a package of 100 boards, cut them in half, making 200 and I am going to have to order a whole bunch more if I'm going to do my whole stash.

I noticed on the way into the house the ground cover was blooming.  I think they're called Vinca Minor.  

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