Monday, July 03, 2017


We have a leather couch in the livingroom.  We have cats.  The two do not mix.  Consequently, our couch is always covered with quilts to keep them from scratching the leather.  The quilts are always falling off, and they just look messy.

I'm making some fitted quilted covers for the arms.

I bought the really thick batting from Dream Cotton, supreme, and am using a Kona Cotton color that matches the couch.

I've got several hours into the quilting (I'm going really slowly) doing a clamshell design.

But there is a lot of stopping and starting - which is good, I'm learning to pull up the bobbin thread and tie-off - but that means there is a lot of threads being cut and thrown on the floor.

Threads on the floor, and my Clamshell ruler.
I've had some issues on this project.  (It's all a learning experience).

I'll post pictures of the finished project, if it turns out!

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