Wednesday, February 05, 2020


Today I was contemplating whether it was a mistake to change to one white for the Pi Quilt.  I was able to order more of the 'daisy' white and black fabric and it's on its way.  But, I didn't think about whether I'd have enough of the black fabric to remake the first four rows.

I think it might be close.  If I run short, I could always cannibalize some of the first four rows (which I was planning on making into another small Pi).

I've gotten alot of the pieces of the white cut out.  I sewed together some of the 8aat (eight at a time) squares for the many, many half-square-triangle squares that I will need.

Today I cut and trimmed some of those.  I like the idea of doing just one row at a time, this is just too much - the brain starts to check out.

Stix has set up a cot in my studio - he's working in Darrell's shop for several days this week.  Jax found it very nice.

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