Tuesday, March 03, 2009


They are on their way....finally!

I took a big pile of envelopes to the Post Office today (54 I think), I had to go to the counter to get overseas stamps. Luckily, I went early and beat the crowd.

Here is this year's Year of the Ox postcard exchange for Barenforum. It's from a doodle-type drawing I did while thinking about this year's exchange and decided what the heck, why not?

It's an etching I did on copperplates. The first time I've used copper. I made three plates, but ended up using only two, I didn't like the one that was for the background. So instead, I went with heavy plate tone. I've always liked a good plate tone!

I tried coloring the horns a la poupee', with varying bad results, so I switched to chine colle.

I used some colored papers I already had for the horns on the rest of them. I also tried several different color combinations.

I'm not a very good printer - I'm always experimenting and have a hard time making an 'edition'.
I hope you enjoy them, and Happy New Year!
Year of the Ox, a year of Prosperity through Fortitude and Hard Work.

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  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I really like your site. Had to check it out again tonight. You are my inspiration to keep plugging away. I agree with Julia, your painting of a boring building has now come to life because of your talent. Your friend, Tammy