Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm always at a loss for an image. I struggle and procrastinate and usually settle upon something I'm not really happy with.

Then once the image is created, I have to figure out how to translate it into a print, and make them.

I did manage to come up with an image I liked. I found a piece of mahogany plywood and even carved it out. That's when I realized I had picked the wrong wood. The mahogany was too splintery. I needed a good wood with a different grain. I ran into problems trying to carve out such fine lines. It didn't work....see the image below. I was so disappointed and frustrated I didn't even bother to put any ink on it and try it. So....

This year I'm saying to hell with it. I'm going to buy some and mail them out at the last minute.

So, if you are expecting something different, I'm sorry but I was just too (insert adjective here).

P.S. if you want to be surprised next year, forget you saw this.

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