Tuesday, January 05, 2010


If if wasn't for deadlines would anything ever get done?
I've been thinking about the print I need to make for Barenforum's Exchange 43. The subject is 'Typography'. What the heck is typography?

I love the internet...so, care of www.dictionary.com:


1.the art or process of printing with type.
2.the work of setting and arranging types and of printing from them.
3.the general character or appearance of printed matter.

This still didn't give me any ideas!

So, I employed my husband Darrell's method of creativity - cram your head with ideas, images, thoughts, facts and figures. Then, let them stew in the brain-pan for a while (for me, the longer the better). Then you don't look at images anymore and just start drawing.

Hey! It actually worked this time. Although, once I came up with this idea I did look at the old typewriter we had recently pulled from a dumpster that I have in my studio (it's a future project, itself).

So, now, I'm sharpening my carving tools. And, I won't make the same mistake with the wood that I made on my Christmas card print. I'll be using Jelotung, or cherry, although, I find cherry a little difficult to carve because of it's density. But that is what makes it such a great wood for fine lines. I need to really sharpen my tools and keep them sharp during the process.

Stay tuned! (it's due February 1st)


  1. I'll look forward to seeing your print develop. I also am hanging on to an old typewriter--I just like the way they look and how they work.

  2. Wish we'd kept all our old typewriters, but we donated them to a school club for a garage sale to make money. That included a Selectric II -- cost us $900 back when it was top of the line. Computers made it a glorified door stop. ;-> But I wish we'd hung onto our old typewriters from college for sentimental reasons. When we got married we were proud that we had three typewriters between us. ;- j