Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I once owned a quilt shop in Renton....that sounds like the beginning of another story.  Anyway, we did a lot of 'Block of the Months' (BOM) and I have lots of them in little project boxes.  So this one was on the top the other day, so I grabbed it down and started in on it.   A lot of the times I used to have to make the blocks to show everyone what it should look like, other times I just made the blocks because I wanted to!  This one I probably made the blocks because I had to - they are not type of blocks I like - too country-looking.  But, all the blocks appeared to be there and there was a little extra fabrics.  

This BOM was a mystery quilt - you wouldn't see how it all went together until the end.  Every month you'd get a little pile of fabrics and directions for that month's block and at the end of twelve months you'd get the directions to assemble the quilt top.
I had all the blocks but, oh-oh, there was no directions for the final top.  I had no idea how it should go together, but I figured I could figure it out!  
I put the blocks up on the wall and started moving them around....and around....and around.  After about an hour of that I decided to give up, I couldn't figure it out, and it was going to be too small anyway.
I dug through my stash and found a yard of fabric that went with the rest of the blocks (that's the best thing about scrappy blocks) and started adding pieces of sashing to get the pieces to fit together.
And here it is - a finished top!  I still need to make a back for it, and quilt it.
It is a lap-size quilt, about 64" by 52".

Do you want it?
Whoever gives me the best reason why I should give it to them can have it (then I'll have to hurry up and finish it).

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