Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Southbound on I-5

Crossing from Washington into Oregon

Traffic jam - I finished my crossword.

Still in the traffic jam.

A flipped-over semi -truck and trailer.

Two hours to get past the accident, now the road is wide open.

Spent Wednesday night in Redding.

The shadow of our rental truck near Williams, CA.

On I-5 Southbound
Stopped just South of Sacramento at Cosumnes River Preserve

Saw lots of birds and ducks, including these Sandhill Cranes.

Another jam just before we get to Bakersfield where we spend Thursday night.

Getting coffee before we leave Bakersfield Friday morning.

Climbing the Grapevine


Heading into LA

Heading down from Grapevine

I love the freeways in LA

Great shot!

The Gamble House in Pasadena

We made it to Mecca

Friday morning, setting up the booth, Joe helps.

Terry finds a quilt shop!

New Moon Textiles in Pasadena

The view from our room, looking east over Pasadena

A sketch of Darrell in his booth.

Sunday morning outing for me.

The visitors center at Eaton Canyon

I met up with a Pasadena Audubon group.

We went birding.

We were guided around the park.

Saw lots and lots of birds.  I was amazed.

A wild olive tree.

The Penny Tree

People have been pounding coins into this tree for years.

Packing up after show Sunday Night.

Our flight out was cancelled Monday morning, but we were able to catch a slightly earlier flight.

In our rental car headed into San Francisco.

Our destination - the de Young Museum

Bad planning - the museum is closed on Mondays!

Lots to do in Golden Gate Park - we head into the Japanese Tea Garden.

Beautiful buildings.

Interesting trees.

Tea houses.

Lots of interesting trees.

and interesting structures.


Very nicely maintained gardens.

The only structure in need of repair.

We really enjoyed walking around this park.

Darrell on the wooden Moon Bridge.

Spreckels Auditorium

I'm always amazed at the flowers still blooming.

We walked around Stow Lake Island...

And up to Strawberry Hill - that's the bridge off in the distance.

Downtown SF from Strawberry Hill

A mural in the Beach Chalet by Lucien Labaudt.

We had lunch at Noori, an Indian Restaurant in the Sunset District.

Went to this art supply store that Meg recommended.  Bought lots.

We did get some rain.

Driving through downtown.

Heading up the hill.

To Coit Tower.

Looking out to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Coit Tower, we didn't have time to go up in it.

Headed back to airport, we got caught up in traffic jam.

The reason for the jam, a ball game.

At the airport, watching the Presidential Debates.

Our flight was delayed two hours but we made it onto an earlier flight.  It was crammed full!  But we were very happy to not be sitting at the SF airport until midnight.  Nice to be heading home.  Great holiday.

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