Wednesday, June 04, 2014


What do you do in a strange town during a torrential rain storm?

Go to the Art Museum!

This is my first visit to Cincinnati Art Museum and I feel kinda guilty because I'm going without Darrell.  We didn't put this art museum on our list of things to do while we were here because their recent major exhibit closed just a few days ago and they were under construction and a lot of the areas would be closed.  So, I figured I'd just make a quick run through, not expecting to see much of anything...

Boy, was I wrong.  It's a great museum, even when it's only partially open!

They have a lot of great paintings, sculptures and furniture on permanent display.  I was overwhelmed.

I had to text this picture of the tsubas to Darrell - he is very interested in tsubas.  Then I just took some shots of things I thought he'd like, and I got a little crazy taking pictures of shadows....


Go to the Art Museum!

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