Monday, June 02, 2014


I flew into Indianapolis on Sunday, picked up a rental car and met Darrell at the hotel where he's been staying while he taught a class last week at Marc Adam's School of Woodworking.  Finished with the class, we left there Monday morning and drove to Cincinnati where Darrell will be filming a video with Popular Woodworking.

I was curious about the process, so I hung around occassionally to watch for a little while.  

I sketched...

Before I left home I minimized my take-along sketch kit to just one fountain pen and only six colors in my watercolor box.  

And here is my sketch:

I got bored and walked to a local park, Bechtold Park,  to look at the birds.  There are some very interesting birds around!

I saw a few Northern Cardinals, Goldfinches and a Warbling Vireo, among others.  Fun.  I enjoyed a short walk through the woods that went by a little creek.  It was nice to get out of the sun.  It's 87 degrees, with about a 90% humidity.   Too hot.

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