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While Darrell was busy working on a video for Popular Woodworking, I spent the day quilt shop hopping in the Cincinnati area. 

I had done a little research before our trip and was armed with a map, addresses and a GPS.

What I love about this is driving around and getting impressions and a feel for the countryside.  I then try to buy fabrics that reflect those impressions and feelings through their colors and textures.

First stop was The Quilt Cabin at 1703 State Route 28 in Goshen, they open at 9am, which I love since I'm a morning person and this allowed me to get a earlier start.  I had a nice chat with the lady that owns it.  She and her husband built this cute little cabin after she retired to have something fun to do.  I hope she does well.
The Quilt Cabin 

Inside the Quilt Cabin

The fabrics I purchased at the Quilt Cabin
  The next stop wasn't really a quilt shop.  I found it online, it's a fabric store that features home decor, bridal and apparel fabrics.  Sometimes you can find some very interesting and different fabrics at these kind of stores, things you won't find at a quilt shop.   Their website made it sound like a huge place, I was a little disappointed to see how small it really was.  There wasn't much cotton fabrics to choose from.  This is Banasch's Fabrics at 3380 Red Bank Road. 

Banasch's Fabrics

Banasch's Fabrics inside

Fabrics I bought at Banasch's Fabrics

Next, was a short hop to Sewn Studio at 3212 Madison Road.  It's a very charming little shop featuring modern style fabrics, which I must admit I'm drawn to, but hardly ever use.  They have a small collection of fabrics, but a very interesting collection.  It looks like they go through their fabrics very quickly.  I found some irresistables in the leftovers/fat quarter basket near the checkout.

Sewn Studio
Sewn Studio inside

Fabric I bought at Sewn Studio
After a quick stop at Whole Foods for lunch, which was right on the way, I headed to the one I've been anticipating,  Silk Road Textiles at 6106 Hamilton Avenue.  My GPS took me through some questionable areas, but the store was in a nice little neighborhood with plenty of parking in the rear of the store.  Their website had enticed me with promises of batiks, Japanese fabrics, hand-dyes and other exotic treasures.  I was not disappointed.  This is my favorite quilt shop of the day.  There was lots of interesting fabrics from all over the world to choose from plus there was all of these beautiful skeins yarns everywhere in the most beautiful colors I've ever seen.  It made me wish I was a knitter so I could buy some, but I resisted.  I still managed to spend a pile of money!

Silk Road Textiles
Silk Road Textiles inside

Fabrics I bought at Silk Road Textiles
Next, the GPS took me to a posh neighborhood in search of Aunt Ruth's Quilt Shop.  It told me that this big house was the place.  I think not, on to the next I go.  

As it turns out, people at the next quilt shop told me this was the correct place.  Apparently, Aunt Ruth had a store front at one time, but has closed that and installed a small store in her home, which is opened on a limited basis.  I had failed to notice that they aren't open on Tuesdays.  I'm going to assume she puts out an inviting sign on the days she is open.  

The next and last shop on my list, was Stitches at 16 Village Square.  Village Square is a delightful little collection of quaint shops in a historic square. Stitches is in a building that features a bunch of little rooms, with nooks and crannys jammed with surprises and collections.  It was hard to get a good picture of the inside.  There was a group of women there enjoying the classroom where they gather to sew and chat.   
Stitches Quit Shop

Stitches Quilt Shop inside
Fabrics I bought at Stitches
 They told me about another shop I should visit, Lavender Street.  But, by this time I was too hot and tired.  It is still 87 degrees and very high humidity. The sun is very intense.  I think I've spent enough money, too.  Turns out, it was very close to our hotel, but I was quilt shopped out.  I found out from their website, when I got back home, the store is closing and they will be online only.  That seems to be the way of things lately.  It's a shame.  How will we be able to quilt shop hop if they are all online!

So, to sum up -  it seems I've got a great little collection of fabrics. Now I just have to come up with a quilt pattern for them (and make it), that will commemorate my visit to Cincinnati.  I've been taking pictures of stone walls, which are everywhere. I'm thinking there's inspiration there somewhere....

Drive by photography

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