Tuesday, March 07, 2017


I spent my sewing time catching up with the Solstice Quilt and the Children's Library Quilt.

I am behind by three blocks with the Solstice Quilt.  I made two today.  I'm conflicted about the other block, it's very big and I don't think my fabric will stretch far enough to make it and the rest of the blocks.  I'm still thinking about what to do.
[I spent a wad of money buying blue flannel plaids online and none of them ended up being good enough to go with this group of fabric I'm using.  So, I'm not going to use them here - which means, I have a big pile of flannels that I have no plan for...omg.  I think that soured me on buying fabric online for a while].

Here's the next block for the Children's Library quilt, which only comes out on the first of the month.  I'm only a week late!

I'm really liking this quilt so far - 

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