Saturday, May 27, 2017


I bought another kit from Craftsy!  I can't help myself, they are all on sale.

This one is called "Molly".  I like the colors and the pattern looks quick and easy.

I took all the fabric to work and got it all cut out during the slow times.

I have to make the half-square triangle squares yet.

I can probably bring those to work and trim them down, too.

[an efficient use of time]

I was pretty upset, because there were supposed to be 20 fat quarters, and I only had 19.  And, the larger piece for the binding was advertised as being red - I got brown.

Luckily, before I sent of a complaint, I found the missing fat quarter at home, hiding.
I went online to order the red for the binding, and it was out of stock.  So, I ordered a different red that should work.

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