Sunday, February 10, 2019


Our Sunday's have become somewhat routine.  But all of this snow has upset the routine.

We did go to PCC in Burien for a breakfast sandwich.  But we only needed to pick up a few items, since I had stocked up last Thursday.

We usually go for a nice walk when we get back, but where can you walk that doesn't have 8 inches of snow.  We decided to suit up and walk up the street.  The dogs didn't complain too much about having to wear coats.  They really enjoyed being out and about.  So did we.  The sun was shining, but off in the distance you could see the really dark clouds approaching.  It's supposed to snow again this evening. 

I decided to take advantage of these great icicles and do some ice dyeing.  I figured Denise would love a tie-dyed back for her quilt.  I watched a few youtube videos, then folded and wrapped a huge piece of fabric (actually two pieces I sewed into one big square about 88" by 88").  I mixed up some dyes - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black.  I squirted the dye onto the fabric, both sides.  Then I added the icicles and wished it a good night.

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